Tatenda Zinyemba
  • Finance
  • Class of 2016
  • Highland Heights, KY

Tatenda Zinyemba is recognized as one of NKU's most spirited students!

2014 Feb 14

NKU is honored to recognize Tatenda Zinyemba for their leadership and dedication to incoming students.

Tatenda is a member of a well-known group of students specializing in awesomeness - the Norse Orientation Leaders. Orientation Leaders (OLs) are a group of highly trained students that work diligently to norsify incoming NKU freshmen. OLs undergo extensive training from departments all over campus that help them serve as guides for students attending the Northern Exposure orientation programs. From teaching Norse traditions and spreading NKU spirit, to helping NKU's newest class of students navigate college life, OLs are a valuable asset to many.

Thank you, Tatenda! Without you, we wouldn't be able to welcome so many new students that have chosen to make NKU their home! Because of your all around awe-inspiring spirit new students feel confident starting their college career at NKU!