Alex Nieman
  • Undeclared in University Studies (BA)
  • Florence, KY

Alex Nieman has been accepted to Northern Kentucky University, a.k.a. best school ever!

2014 Feb 13

Alex Nieman, you're it, you're the one for us. And we know we're the one for you, too! Northern Kentucky University is pleased to announce that Alex has been admitted for the fall of 2014. We wanted to shout it from a mountain top, but we thought this was an easier way for you to share with everyone you know.

Congratulations on a successful high school career. Enjoy the next few months of school and finish your senior year strong. Soon people will be saying "I knew Alex way back before all the fame and glory."

So here's to you, Alex, we're throwing you a big Norse shout-out and are delighted to welcome you as a member of the class of 2018!